Bridging Early Careers With Alumni  @Work

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Student Teams
Complete Tasks
Alumni Advisors
Provide Feedback

AlumniBridge engages your employees’ alumni network with 
SkillWaze® AI-Powered Managed Virtual Internships and 
Skillytics® AI-Powered Intern Performance Analytics

Easily Manage 1000’s of Interns with SkillWaze®  AI-Powered Managed Virtual Internships

Hire skilled productive early interns with Skillytics® AI-Powered Intern Performance Analytics

Bridge your brand and recruit through your employees’ AlumniBridge® alumni network

Individuals and teams work in private real-time collaboration rooms guided through step by step task based projects.

Each task is guided with in depth explanations, example and/or how to videos as well as inspirational reference material.

Individual intern and team progress is tracked for both interim and overall project completion management.

Employer AlumniHero  Advisors provide simple 5 star quality ratings on each task as well as contextual feedback and coaching establishing trust and loyalty.  

The SkillWaze® AI-Powered Observation Engine observes, measures and scores individual intern and team performance detailing the level of effort, work quality and 9 key Soft-skills.

Skillytics® Intern Performance Analytics is our proprietary intern performance and intelligence reporting system. Skillytics provides out of the box and customized comprehensive  performance scoring, comparisons, rankings,  correlation analysis and insights on  individual intern and team performance.   Key performance indicators consist of intern and team work effort, work product quality and 9 key soft-skills in detail available through real-time reports, dashboards and APIs.

Skillytics® Intern Performance auto-updates each intern’s profile and resume for employer experience and skill verification tracking. 

Recruit from new and more universities from your employee alumni network and broaden your outreach and increase your diversity.

With multiple generations in the workforce, enable easy and simple engagement with advisory, coaching and mentorship building trust, loyalty and productivity. 

Empower employees to easily engage in the recruiting process and give back as AlumniHeroes

Make DE&I count with actual employee-supported alumni internships