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Solution Overview

Real-time Internship Management

Our SkillWaze® AI-Powered real-time virtual internship management and customized employer KPI dashboards provide Talent Acquisition Leadership with live progressive drill-down analytics detailing key campus recruiting and internship progression such as:  

  • Campus recruiting sourcing
  • Real-time internship team, project and individual intern progress.
  • Track and measure business unit, campus and employee-alumni engagement
  • Track, measure, score and compare intern team and individual tasks, deliverables and project completion progress.

Skillytics® Intern Performance Management

Our AI Powered Skillytics® Intern Performance Analytics provides employers with customized details for each interns actual observed performance consisting of:

  •  Agile Engagement Scores detailing each Interns level of effort demonstrating active engagement and their actual level of contribution to the team.
  • Work Product Quality Scores detailing the interim and final task completion quality.
  • Presentation Quality Scoring detailing how well an intern and/or team can present and show their final work product. 
  • Nine (9) key Soft-skills consisting of a detailed analysis for each intern’s observed soft-skills for Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Analytical, Grit, Startup-mindset, Curiosity and Purpose.